Kabul Explosions, Gunfire Linked To Triple Suicide Bombing

Kabul Explosions Suicide Bombing

Large explosions and gunfire were heard in Kabul before dawn on Monday morning. Police officer Mirzal Mohammed has attributed the explosions to a suicide bombing on a government building.

The assault began when at least one insurgent blew himself up at the entrance to the traffic police headquarters. Several others wearing suicide vests were also spotted entering the building.

Following the initial blasts, gunfire also erupted near the building. The Taliban, which is responsible for hitting a number of targets in Kabul recently, claimed responsibility for Monday’s attack through a text message sent to media organizations, reports the BBC.

The location of the traffic department suggests that the initial attack could be a launching pad for a more prolonged assault on Kabul’s police department. Local residents reported two large explosions, which shattered the windows of nearby buildings.

They also reported sporadic gunfire. Militant groups continue to mount attacks on cities in Afghanistan, raising questions about when NATO troops should leave the country.

Another attack in Kabul was launched on Wednesday and targeted the Afghan intelligence agency. At least one person was killed and dozens were injured, according to The Huffington Post. Storefront windows were shattered at least three blocks away, and cars near the blast zone were shredded.

The attack occurred in midday and likely strikes fear into the hearts of civilians as they see NATO’s plans to withdraw troops by the end of 2014.

Security forces eventually killed the five attackers on Wednesday and diffused several explosives found in a nearby van. A BBC correspondent in Kabul reported that two of the attackers blew themselves up, and a third is still fighting with police.