An Intern Says Charlie Rose Sexually Harassed Her After Making Her Unclog His Toilet

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By now, most of us can agree that Charlie Rose is disgusting.

The embattled CBS This Morning anchor has been accused of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by 27 women. An investigation by The Washington Post unearthed the allegations, which dated back to 1986. According to the report, managers of the show were warned of Rose’s misconduct towards his female staffers on three separate occasions but took no action against the host, which is reprehensible considering that further abuse, like the kind Reah Bravo suffered, could have been prevented.

Bravo worked as an unpaid intern for Rose back in 2007. In an essay for The New York Review of Books, Bravo detailed the behind-the-scenes work environment of the show, saying Rose’s behavior towards attractive young women was an “open secret.”

“I would expect CBS executives to have known,” she writes. “The man’s secret was as reliably open as a Waffle House.”

Bravo said part of her duties included traveling to the journalist’s summer residence in Bellport, N.Y., where she was tasked with organizing his library. She says it was during one of these trips that Rose ordered her to unclog his toilet which, as she describes, was “brimming with feces” and causing the entire upstairs floor to “smell like a factory farm.” Which, gross. Interns are asked to carry out demeaning and demanding work all the time and they do it because the promise of recognition and hopefully a paid position is left dangling in the air but asking anyone other than a plumber to unclog your backed-up commode is rude to the extreme.

Charlie Rose on stage
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As revolting as that experience was for Bravo, she says what came next was even worse. Bravo claims that after cleaning up his bathroom, Rose invited her to join him in “looking at the moonlight” as he clutched her from behind. The incident wasn’t just a one-time occurrence for Bravo who goes on to chronicle many more uncomfortable interactions, like when Rose would expose himself to her, grope her in cars, get on top of her in an airplane, and introduce her to his driver as a table dancer he’d picked up the night before.

Rose has denied any wrongdoings but also published an apology in which he claimed he “behaved insensitively at times, and I accept responsibility for that, though I do not believe that all of these allegations are accurate.” So make of all of this what you will.