Tom Brokaw Fires Back At Sexual Harassment Allegations Via Email, Backed By 64 Women Colleagues

Jacquelyn MartinAP Images

Tom Brokaw, a well-known NBC News anchor, is facing sexual harassment allegations from Linda Vester, a former NBC News correspondent, and by another anonymous woman. Brokaw has vehemently denied the claims, and sent off a detailed email with his thoughts and his side of the story.

In an email, Brokaw fired back at the alleged sexual harassment accusations with harsh words. He called the accusers “perps,” and detailed how he was instrumental in getting Vester a position at Fox. He wonders why Vester did not pick up the phone to talk to him about her accusations from over two decades ago. The Hollywood Reporter published the email in its entirety, which also included a statement from Brokaw that she is a “former colleague who left NBC News angry that she had failed in her pursuit of stardom.”

Additionally, 64 women colleagues of Brokaw have signed a collective letter defending his honor, saying that they have all been treated with fairness and respect by the man and that he “has been a valued source of counsel and support. We know him to be a tremendous decency and integrity.” Of the 64 women, both Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell signed the letter.

Vester spoke with both the Washington Post and Variety about her allegations. In particular, she cited a night when Brokaw went to her New York hotel against her wishes, and that night he told her that he wanted “an affair of more than passing affection.” He allegedly also “pressed his index finger to [her] lips and said, ‘This is our compact.'” After that, she said that Brokaw grabbed her head and told her, “Now let me show you how to give a real kiss.” She resisted, after which Brokaw left.


Brokaw addressed the New York hotel incident, saying that Vester “often sought me out for informal meetings, including the one she describes in her New York hotel room.” He did not detail the conversation that Vester claimed took place but said that “as that discussion advanced she often reminded me she was Catholic and that she was uncomfortable with my presence.” Even after the incident, Brokaw said, Vester was the one that invited him to a drink in London, during which Vester alleges another incident took place.

NBC’s prior firing of Today show co-host Matt Lauer had already caused a stir at the network. Lauer was gone from his post just a day after serious allegations surfaced against him.