A Teed Off Goose Shows A Michigan Golfer Who’s Boss, Attack Goes Viral

You never get too close to an angry goose, as one young golfer recently learned.

Michigan golfer goose
Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

You never get too close to an angry goose, as one young golfer recently learned.

A goose does whatever it takes to protect her young ones from predators. But what if that predator happens to be an innocent Michigan golfer who was just trying to enjoy the game? It apparently attacks! That is exactly what happened on a golf course in Adrian, Michigan, at a high school tournament last weekend. According to the Detroit News, the whole thing was caught in photos and has since gone viral.

The poor young man, along with three other high schoolers, had noticed a nest as they walked by after teeing off at the seventh hole. A goose was sitting on the egg quietly, so they figured they were safe enough. That was when another goose unexpectedly came out for the attack. For some reason, it zeroed in on 16-year-old Isaac Couling, sending him diving for cover. The series of humorous photos shows the boy on the ground with the goose flapping and flailing at him. At one point, it looked like the goose was attaching itself to his leg.

The Michigan golfer stood no chance against the bird. He just did the best he could to fend it off. Couling described that moment of running for his life and diving three times trying to avoid it. He said that the goose finally got the hint after he used his foot to shoo it away. He got a hard lesson on how nature can be a little tough at times. The opposing team’s coach did get the photos as he stood by watching it unfold.

According to another report by ABC News, it took four golf carts to come to the rescue. They were driven in between the Michigan golfer and the goose to be able to grab his golf equipment that went flying when he hit the ground. Fortunately, the goose was okay, and so was Couling. Although his pride may have been a little dented in the process, he has since laughed it off. He did brag that he parred the hole, so that’s all good.