Donald Trump Polls: One Key Number Could Point To A 2020 Reelection For Trump

Donald Trump may be struggling with some historically low poll numbers, but one number may suggest that he is in good shape for a reelection in 2020 that few would have thought possible.

Trump has struggled through a series of controversies both personal and professional, sinking his approval ratings to a series of all-time lows. As Vox noted in December, Trump had the all-time lowest rating at the end of a first year for any modern president, and that mark held into January as well, Time noted. But now the National Review has found a glimmer of hope for Trump’s reelection chances in 2020.

As a report this week noted, polling from Gallup showed that the percentage of voters who believe Donald Trump deserves a second term is identical to those who thought that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton should have been reelected at this point in their term. The poll showed that 37 percent of registered voters believe Trump should be reelected, equal to the 37 percent who believed Obama should get a second term and just a shade below the 38 percent who thought Clinton should be reelected at this point of his first term.

The numbers could bring some hope for Republicans as the 2018 midterms approach. Many political pundits are predicting big losses for the GOP, with growing chances that Democrats will regain control of the House and Senate. There have been some differing predictions on whether this “Blue Wave” will materialize, and CNN noted that the advantage for Democrats on the generic Congressional ballot had fallen from double digits to six points.

Donald Trump has hit the ground running in his hopes for reelection in 2020. Trump took the unusual step of beginning his campaigning immediately after taking office, with a series of 2020 campaign stops through the first year of his presidency. He has also ramped up fundraising efforts, building a war chest to withstand not only Democrats but the rumbling of some dissatisfied Republicans who have raised the idea of challenging Trump in a primary.

While the reelection numbers may bring a sense of optimism, Donald Trump still suffers from low approval ratings. An aggregate of polls from FiveThirtyEight shows that Trump’s approval is just over 40 percent, with nearly 54 percent of voters disapproving of the job he is doing as president.