Waffle House Suspect Travis Reinking's $2 Million Bond Revoked By Judge Following Criticism Reports 'WSMV'

Kathryn Cook

The man suspected of shooting and killing four innocent victims and wounding countless others at a Waffle House just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, has been denied the chance to post bail following his arrest.

According to WSMV, a local Nashville station, 29-year-old Travis Reinking's $2 million bond has been revoked by a judge. A few hours after his arrest yesterday, a court magistrate originally set Reinking's bond at $2 million around. But the Tennessean shares that the public was upset over the fact that Reinking was even granted the chance to post bond, causing the judge to change his mind. Judge Michael Mondelli decided to revoke Reinking's bond early Tuesday morning.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, Reinking is suspected of opening fire inside of a Waffle House at Murfreesboro Pike. The Inquisitr reports that Reinking entered the premises around 3:30 a.m., shooting two people who were outside of the establishment before entering the restaurant. Once inside, Reinking opened fire with an AR-15, killing two more people and injuring two others.

Another report from the Inquisitr states that when Reinking went to reload his gun, James Shaw, who was inside the restaurant with his best friend at the time of the shooting, saw an opportunity and wrestled Reinking to the ground. Saw eventually took hold of Reinking's gun and tossed it behind the counter. His heroic actions saved many other restaurant goers from being killed that day.

— WSMV News4 Nashville (@WSMV) April 24, 2018

After an exhausting 35 hour long manhunt, Reinking was arrested arrested in a wooded area just outside of his apartment complex reports the New York Times. A tip from to the police came in when a good samaritan reported seeing a man who matched the description of Reinking.

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Reinking is scheduled to make a court appearance Wednesday for a hearing.