Obama Has 51 Percent Approval At Start Of Second Term

Dan Evon

President Obama will have a 51 percent approval rating as he starts his second term.

A CBS / New York Times poll concludes that Obama has an approAdd Mediaval rating of 51 percent while forty-one percent of Americans disapprove of his job as president.

Gallup said:

"The 56 percent (approval rating) average is for Monday through Wednesday, December 17-19. Obama's job approval had reached 54 percent during the week prior to the Newtown shootings, but had dropped to 51 percent from December 11-13, the three days just prior to December 14."

His approval rating has hovered around 50% throughout 2010 and 2011 with a spike to 57% in May of 2011 after killing Osama Bin Laden.

Obama's 51 percent approval rating at the start of his second term is slightly higher than President George W. Bush's approval rating when he started his second term (49%) but well below President Bill Clinton (60%) and President Ronald Reagan (62%) during the start of their second terms.

Obama may be supported by more than half of the country but not everyone is pleased with the direction that the country is heading in. According to our new NBC/WSJ poll, only 35% of adults believe that the nation is heading in the right direction and more than 70% are disappointed with the state of the economy.

Obama will officially began his second term on Monday, January 21 after his inauguration at the White House.