‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kiki Recast Rumored — ‘GH’ Auditions New Actresses, Hayley Erin Leaving?

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New General Hospital spoilers reveal that the role of Kiki Jerome, now played by Hayley Erin, may soon be recast with a new face. Why? Hayley landed a plum part in the Pretty Little Liars spin-off, titled The Perfectionists, which began filming last month. According to Deadline, Hayley Erin has a big role and is attached to the entire initial 10-episode order. You can see on IMDB that the actress is the second billed on the show, which means she’s one of the stars, even though her character name is a secret so far. Erin’s busy schedule and a recent casting call hint at a coming recast of the pivotal role of Kiki Jerome!

GH Actresses Auditions For Recast Role

With Hayley Erin set for what may be a blockbuster primetime role, General Hospital could write Kiki off the character canvas or reduce her role. However, there are too many irons in the fire for Kiki to exit right now. She’s got the Dr. Bensch harassment storyline and the rumored romance with Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen), hunky boyfriend of her mom Ava Jerome (Maura West). Given Kiki’s ties to several key storylines, if Hayley Erin exits, GH needs a recast to step into the role.

Not only is the ABC soap auditioning actresses for a role that may be Kiki, but Hayley Erin hasn’t denied the rumors that she’s departing GH. One actress that read for the role shared a pic outside the GH studio. The actress is Angie Patterson, and she fits the basic description for Kiki. Also, remember that Hayley Erin herself is a recast, replacing Kristen Alderson who abruptly quit the soap and decided to take a break from show business. It also wouldn’t be the first time Hayley played a part that was recast with another actress.

Hayley Erin Soap Recast History

General Hospital spoilers tease this could be another significant shift for actress Hayley Erin. Young and the Restless fans may remember the actress played Abby Carlton, now known as Abby Newman, from 2008 to 2010 on the CBS soap. Hayley picked up the role of Abby when the character had a soap opera rapid aging syndrome (SORAS) shift that took her from a young girl to a teen. Then Erin was replaced by Marcy Rylan when the character was SORAS’d again. Now Melissa Ordway has the role.

If Hayley Erin is leaving GH, it’s not a great time for the soap to lose her, so a recast makes perfect sense. It’s also important to note that the actress that read for the part is a few years older than Erin, so GH might be aging up Kiki to make her a better age match for sexy Dr. Hottie Former Priest! What do you think about the look of the actress that auditioned for the rumored Kiki recast? Does she need to go blond? Will you be watching Hayley Erin’s Pretty Little Liars spin-off show?

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