‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dr. Bensch Kisses Kiki, Harassment Kicks Into High Gear

General Hospital spoilers from this week’s Soap Opera Digest officially confirm what Inquisitr reported months ago. Dr. Bensch is a pervert that’s creeping on Kiki. Coming soon, Bensch (James DePaiva) finally makes his move on med student Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin), and she’s stunned and disgusted. Kiki thought Bensch was a good guy and mentor, but that icky feeling he’s given her lately comes to fruition when he plants a lip lock on her while they’re alone in his office.

Bensch Crosses The Line

The signs were all there last week on GH when the doctor gifted Kiki with a first edition of Gray’s Anatomy. It seemed like an over-the-top gesture, but generous, until Bensch inscribed it, thus ruining the value of the item. With a mom that’s an art dealer, Kiki should have known that scribbling his signature in the book made it virtually worthless. But General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central say that he’s got another gift for her, but this one isn’t tangible like the anatomy manual.

Instead, Dr. Bensch tells Kiki that he nominated her for a prestigious internship. Actress Hayley Erin told Soap Digest that when her mentor gave Kiki the book, she thought, “Was this appropriate?” and questioned whether it was nice or sketchy. The actress said if it happened to her in real life, it would be a “clear boundary cross” when Bensch massaged Kiki’s shoulders. When Dr. Bensch asked Kiki to come into his office, she was nervous, but then when he gives her the news about the opportunity, she was thrilled.


A Kiss From A Creeper

General Hospital spoilers have recently shown what we reported here months ago, that Bensch is a bad guy who’s been grooming Kiki. The story is about inappropriate influence, workplace sexual harassment, and men abusing their power. Dr. Bensch does all three as he tries to take advantage of Kiki. Spoilers say that when the doctor tells her about the internship, Kiki is grateful, but Bensch wants more than gratitude. He wants to be paid back in a very personal way.

With Kiki in his office behind closed doors, Bensch goes in for the kiss and plants a lusty liplock on the unsuspecting student. Kiki is stunned and doesn’t know what to do. Kiki escapes the office as soon as she can but doesn’t speak up because he’s in a position of power and caught her off guard. That kiss confirms every bad feeling Kiki had about Bensch’s attention. First, he befriended her, then encouraged her, then coached her, and then bribed her – and it’s all about bedding her if he can.

Who Saves Kiki Or Will She Save Herself?

General Hospital spoilers hint that Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) will save Kiki from Bensch. Griffin would go to bat for Kiki in an instant since he’s dating her mom, Ava Jerome (Maura West), and cares about her as a work colleague. But before all is said and done, we can expect the strong women at GH to also support Kiki. Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson), Kim Nero (Tamara Braun), and Epiphany Johnson (Sonya Eddy) should band together and take out the trash.

The looming question is how far things will go with Bensch before Kiki fights back? Will she speak up only to have him threaten her if she doesn’t keep quiet about his improper attention? Let’s hope that the GH writers don’t shortchange this important story and let it play out the way it would in real life, with back and forth, Bensch not backing down, Kiki feeling disenfranchised, then finally fighting back. GH fans are Team Kiki, and James DePaiva is masterful as the depraved doctor.

This creepy plot kicks into high gear next week. Catch up on GH scoop on Jim Harvey’s evil plans for Drew and Franco, how the former brothers bond over their abusive past, and why Maxie moves to Wyndemere soon.

Watch ABC weekdays for new GH episodes and check back here often for the latest General Hospital spoilers and news.

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