‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew And Franco Bond Over Shared Abuse — Jason Jealous

General Hospital spoilers for the next two weeks reveal that Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan) is about to be exposed as a vicious child abuser. Not only did Jim cause the Port Charles earthquake, but he also might have triggered the insanity in Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) that made him a serial killer for years. But once Franco and Drew Cain (Billy Miller) recover their childhood memories, it’s Jim that should be afraid. Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) also has a stake in this because Drew is his twin brother and Franco is his sworn enemy.

Franco Recovers Memories At Worst Possible Time

GH spoilers from Soap Central promise that on Monday, as the quake hits, Franco is trapped and needs Jim to help him. But with Franco’s memories coming back, Jim knows the jig is up, and he’ll be in danger. Even though Jim was prodding Franco last week, the fact is that Jim knows that Franco is capable of violence. After Jim takes off and leaves Franco for dead, the reformed serial killer lies there scared, trapped, and sure he’s dying.

The trauma triggers Franco’s memories, and they all come flooding back. The scenes of him locking Drew in a toybox were not about Franco tormenting his foster brother, but about protecting Drew from Jim’s abuse. It seems that Drew was more often the target of Jim’s fury than Franco. The incident with the basement stairs was Franco trying to get Drew to go downstairs and hide from Jim. The tumble wasn’t Franco trying to hurt Drew but protect him.

Secrets Exposed, Drew And Franco Bond

Also this week, General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps reveal that Drew is closer to recovering some of his memories, too. The terror of the earthquake and Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) going missing scares Drew. The harsh life or death conditions trigger Drew and his Navy SEALS training kicks in and he gets closer to his past. Other GH spoilers tease that Jim’s secrets won’t remain hidden. Even if Drew doesn’t get his memories back, he knows something is going on with Franco.

On Friday’s episode, Drew and Franco had an encounter in the stairwell at the hospital. Drew saw that Franco was falling apart, and he was genuinely concerned. The fact is that Drew has only been told bad things about Franco – he hasn’t personally experienced anything negative at the man’s hands. In fact, Drew has a deep-seated affection for Franco based on their shared time as kids and because Franco protected him. Drew doesn’t recall this yet, but last week, we got a glimpse of it.

Franco Reveals Truth To Drew

There are conflicting General Hospital spoilers for how Franco is rescued. Some sources say that Jason saves him while others say that it’ll be Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) that finds Franco and they help each other get out of the rubble. Either way, Franco survives his ordeal and wants to make Jim pay. Franco runs into Drew after the dust settles and when Drew demands answers, Franco finally comes clean. With the truth out, Drew’s memories may break loose.

GH spoilers promise that shared childhood abuse bonds Franco and Drew. The question is how Jim Harvey will face justice. Since his fracking efforts reportedly caused the earthquake, he might already be headed to prison. Given how long it has been since Jim knocked Franco and Drew around, the statute of limitations has probably expired. Will Drew and Franco step outside the law to punish their childhood tormenter? And what will Jason think about all of this?

Jason Angry That Twin Grows Closer To Franco

While the truth pulls Drew and Franco closer, it will push Drew’s biological brother farther away. Things are already awkward between Drew and Jason. They both love Sam Cain (Kelly Monaco) and co-parenting Jason’s bio-kids that still love Drew is painful. Meanwhile, Drew discovers that he had a childhood foster brother that loved him enough to risk life and limb to save him from abusive Jim. Drew can’t help but have brotherly feelings towards Franco.

Also, remember that Drew and Jason were separated at birth and share only biology, but no history. This complex situation means that Jason will be hard hit when he sees his twin growing close to the man that tormented him and made him think Danny wasn’t his son because Franco raped Sam. Viewers now know the rape never happened and Jason is Danny’s kid, but Jason can’t forget how Franco made him feel by letting them think the rape really happened.

Can Drew and Jason ever bond as brothers, particularly with Franco in between them? See why Kelly Monaco went off on fans to defend Billy Miller, when sparks fly between Julian and Kim, why Maxie moves to Wyndemere, and new spoilers for the week of March 5. Watch ABC weekdays for new GH episodes and come back often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.

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