‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Bensch Targets Kiki – Shocking Twist As DePaiva Doc Turns Predator?

General Hospital spoilers tease that the relationship between Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva) and Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) might be about to take a disturbing turn. Is the mysterious Dr. B grooming Kiki for a predatory relationship with the much older doctor? There are many signs that Bensch isn’t the kindly mentor he seems to be and might have a much sicker agenda in mind when it comes to Kiki. Take a look at the doctor’s actions that reveal a dark side to the GH newcomer.

Who is Dr. Bensch?

General Hospital fans first learned James DePaiva would do a guest arc on GH thanks to a short promo video featuring the soap’s executive producer Frank Valentini and DePaiva set in the hub of the hospital. Then in early July, we finally discovered the veteran soap actor would play Dr. Bensch. He examined Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) back in July but missed the toxoplasmosis then fell back under the radar. After that, Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) and Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) took over the case and cracked it.

It was strange to drop in such a high-profile soap actor and then the guy disappeared again. But now it looks like that was just a General Hospital spoilers method to introduce us to his character, which would gain a larger plot later. The latest GH rumor patrol hints that his big storyline is about Kiki and will play out over the next few months as Robert Palmer Watkins was written out of the ABC soap after his abrupt firing a couple of weeks ago. This plot has the potential to be quite creepy.

Dr. Bensch on the prowl

On recent General Hospital episodes, we saw Dr. Bensch ask out Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine), but she declined because she was fresh off her split from Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner). He seemed to take the refusal well, but maybe there’s anger brewing. Other GH rumors promise when Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is pressured by her loved ones to start dating, now that Julian Jerome (William deVry) is in Pentonville, she will consider Dr. Bensch.

It could be Sam that fixes them up since she knows him from GH, but that won’t work out either. Maybe Bensch asked out age-appropriate women to make himself seem normal – or maybe it’s rejection from Jordan and Alexis that makes him act more aggressively with Kiki, but the trouble is coming. Dr. Bensch could just be a kindly mentor to Kiki, or he might be something much worse. When older men engage in predatory behavior with young women, it may start with “grooming.”

Why Kiki is the perfect target

Poor Kiki had a rough life. She’s got both mommy and daddy issues. You know things are bad when the closest thing you have to a functional father is reformed serial killer Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). She was finally getting close to her bio-dad, then he was murdered, and her mom Ava Jerome (Maura West) stole her boyfriend, Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig), then drugged him, which contributed to his death. Kiki also lives alone and is about to be single when Dillon goes away for good.

General Hospital spoilers say that despite their age difference, Dr. Bensch and Kiki could launch a “normal” relationship but given his fixed attention on her, it seems creepier than that. Kiki was drifting without purpose, and Bensch has encouraged and flattered her so much that Kiki decided to try for medical school. She’s studying and has little time for Dillon or her family. That isolates her from her family, and that’s what a predator grooming a potential victim wants.

‘GH’ spoilers promise a juicy plot for James DePaiva as Dr. Bensch. [Image by Valerie Durant/ABC]

How predators target victims

An article by Dr. Athena Staik, an expert on abusive relationships, says that a “groomer skillfully plays with words” and learns to say what the victim wants to hear. She wrote that someone grooming a potential victim would act as a “caring protector” and persuade his victim that their relationship is “special.” But that’s not all potential predators do, according to Dr. Staik. They may also act as follows.

  • Gain “unquestioning” trust, so the victim depends on them.
  • Isolate the potential victim from others.
  • Make the victim feel like he’s “doing her a favor.”
  • Reinforce the attitude that “he’s the boss.”

General Hospital spoilers hint this is exactly what Bensch has been able to do. He’s acted as a mentor, so Kiki trusts him. He’s isolated her from others by encouraging her to go to medical school and spend time with him doing rounds. He literally is her boss, and it sure seems like he’s doing her a favor letting her take on additional responsibility at GH that she should not be allowed to do. Bensch could be going out of his way to make Kiki feel special so he can take advantage and prey on her. This could start this week when Kiki gets an unexpected offer, say spoilers from Soap Central.

What do you think? Have you noticed the creepy vibe between Dr. Bensch and Kiki? Do you think GH brought him in for a twisted plot with the vulnerable young woman? Be sure to stay current on the Cassadine jewel theft ring, more on Franco’s childhood friend who is one of the Jasons, Olivia’s mob restaurant, and Valerie and Kristina’s electric chemistry. Plus, check back often for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

[Featured Image by Valerie Durant/ABC]

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