‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Evil Jim Harvey Pits Drew Against Franco – Villain’s Endgame Revealed

General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 12-16 reveal that time has run out for Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). He’s been keeping the secret for too long of pushing Drew Cain (Billy Miller) down the stairs when they were kids. Now that Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan) spilled the beans to Drew and Sam Cain (Kelly Monaco), Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) will learn the ugly history. Franco’s life will never be the same after all the revelations that spill out Monday and Tuesday on new episodes of GH.

Drew Confronts Franco

On Friday, fans watched as Jim showed up to GH, intent on disclosing a decades-old secret about Franco and Drew’s shared past. Jim left Franco for dead and never bothered to call emergency services. But since the reformed serial killer survived, it seems that evil Jim is hoping that Drew might get his hands dirty and finish off Franco. New General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps promise a tense confrontation. Drew tells Franco what Jim revealed, and Franco pleads with him for calm.

The good news is that Drew is on edge about trusting Jim Harvey. He thinks the guy is sketchy and doesn’t trust anything he said. So, while Drew knows that Franco was a danger in the past, he also knows that Franco’s not much of a threat now. Plus, Jim is clearly working an angle. In fact, Franco never did anything to Drew. All of Franco’s sins related to Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), the other Q twin, and not to Drew at all. Jason was ready to let Franco die last week as you can see in the clip below, but Drew’s not like that.

Franco Stunned By Drew

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central reveal that Drew isn’t happy that Franco’s been keeping this secret from him, but he understands why he did. Drew and Franco both want the truth about their shared past and what made one toddler attack another. At the same time Drew and Franco talk, Sam finds Liz, and can’t wait to tell her what Jim said about Franco. Sam will always hate Franco, and if she can ruin his relationship with Liz, Sam thinks it’s what the guy deserves.

Liz handles the reveal pretty well, all things considered. Liz already knew that Franco was hiding something and also sees why he’d be afraid to tell her that ugly tidbit from his past. Just as Drew reserves judgment and wants to investigate, Liz also wants to find out more about those events from long-ago because she still loves and trusts Franco. When Liz confronts her fiancé, he finally comes completely clean even though doing so is a risk.

Drew And Franco Team Up

General Hospital spoilers promise that once both Drew and Franco agree that they need to find out the truth about their past, they also must consider working together. Both want to get the information, and if they don’t partner up, they might be working at cross purposes and make the process harder. This week’s Soap Opera Digest says that the two become unlikely allies in this journey of discovery. It might be made harder because it seems that Jim is holding Betsy Frank (Deborah Strang) captive to keep her quiet.

If Drew doesn’t think he’s monster, maybe Franco isn’t, and there’s more to the story. GH spoilers have shown flashbacks of Franco putting Drew into a toy box and locking the lid, and it will be revealed soon that Franco was trying to protect him from Jim’s abuse by hiding him. Franco and Drew will discover the truth and bond over their awful past. Jim is twisted and sick and wants to finish the abuse he started when they were kids. Franco and Drew will be in danger soon with only each other to save them.

Drew working with Franco might anger Sam who already is coping with an emotional crisis now that she admitted she also loves Jason. Could this investigation drive a further wedge between Sam and Drew? Catch up on the latest GH scoop about Maxie taking refuge at Wyndemere and how Jim Harvey caused the Port Charles earthquake. Watch ABC weekdays for new episodes and check back here often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, news, and more.

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