Woman, 27, Accidentally ‘Embalmed Alive’ During Surgery, Left In Severe Pain As Body Eroded From The Inside


A 27-year-old woman was accidentally “embalmed alive” during routine surgery, leaving her in “severe pain” and in convulsions, postsurgery. The woman’s mother is now accusing the hospital of murder after medics admitted to using a fatal formaldehyde drip, rather than the usual saline solution of sodium and water, according to the Daily Mail on Sunday.

Ekaterina Fedyaeva ultimately died from having the solution of formaldehyde in water, also called formalin, running intravenously through her veins for the entire unspecified but, reportedly, routine surgery. According to an article on News.com.au on Sunday, Ekaterina was buried on Saturday, April 7, and now an unidentified hospital in Ulyanovsk, Russia, is being criminally investigated for the “medical blunder.”

The Russian woman’s grieving mother, Galina Baryshnikova, has recounted her daughter’s physical condition upon waking from anesthesia and before falling into a coma two days later. The formalin drip that was “infused” into Ekaterina’s veins during surgery reportedly left her whole body convulsing immediately after she came round, according to Galina, who also said that Ekaterina was her only child.

“I put socks on her, then a robe, then a blanket but she was shivering to such an extent, I can’t even describe it.”

According to an article published by the Sun, doctors didn’t admit exactly what solution had been mistakenly attached to the IV drip during the surgical procedure, even after Ekaterina’s physical condition continued to deteriorate in intensive care. Galina said in an interview that her daughter suffered from horrible pain, convulsions, stomach pain, and vomiting for 14 hours before she was relocated to another local clinic.


A doctor at the unidentified regional clinic finally told Galina and Ekaterina’s husband, Igor, that formalin had been put into her, rather than normal saline, an appalling medical mistake that left her in a coma and on life support with complete organ failure. The Mirror reports that medics at the regional clinic reportedly used over 50 different drugs in an attempt to save Ekaterina’s life before she was, again, flown to another hospital in Moscow, but tragically died.

Criminal lawyers reportedly told Ekaterina’s mother that the use of formaldehyde, a disinfectant that “effectively kills all microorganisms,” as noted by ScienceDirect, in the IV drip was negligence that Galina is now calling “pure murder.” The previously-mentioned Daily Mail article notes that drinking just over one ounce of formalin is lethal to an adult, and, according to ScienceDirect, formalin is comprised of up to 40 percent formaldehyde. ScienceDirect also notes that only less than 4 percent of formaldehyde in a solution does not “adequately kill.”


The Daily Mail also reports that embalmers usually inject the formalin solution, which apparently has no odor or color, into the veins of dead bodies to “slow decay,” however, Galina noted that Ekaterina’s accidental embalming while she was still alive actually eroded her body “from the inside,” causing an excruciatingly painful death.