YouTube Shooter Let Go By Police Hours Before Shooting: Family Warned Police, But Cops Said She Posed No Harm

Justin SullivanGetty Images

The brother of the YouTube shooter told police his sister had a vendetta against YouTube and that his family was concerned “she may do something.” Police talked to the woman hours before she became the YouTube shooter, and they let her go after her brother reportedly warned them. Just hours later, she walked into the Bay Area complex and started shooting, injuring three before turning the gun on herself, reports ABC 10 local news.

The YouTube shooter is now identified as Nasim Najafi Aghdam of San Diego, who would have turned 39 on Wednesday, April 4. Aghdam was an animal rights activist with a heavy presence on YouTube, and she believed that YouTube had recently censored her postings. She was furious when she started to lose followers and viewers after YouTube changed its filters.

She blamed YouTube for “demonetizing” her videos and cutting her ad revenue, according to ABC 10. Aghdam was furious and complained about YouTube’s new advertising policy enough for her family to know that she was really upset over this. She also had a website that contained a manifesto targeting YouTube for demonetizing her videos.

Over the weekend, Aghdam’s family reported her missing to police when she disappeared and stopped answering her phone. Her brother said they got a call from police after they had located her sleeping in her car in Mountain View.

Her brother said he looked up the location of that town on Google, and when he learned it was about 30 miles away from the headquarters of YouTube, he called the police back. He talked to the police officer who had originally called him and he told that officer of his family’s concerns. She was almost 500 miles away from home and only about 30 miles away from YouTube at the time.

The brother told him there’s a reason that she went all the way from San Diego to where they found her. He believed she was headed to the YouTube complex and told police the family was concerned “she might do something.”

During their Thursday morning broadcast, Fox & Friends reported that police had found Aghdam asleep in her car. They spoke with her and found that Aghdam did not exhibit any signs that would indicate she could be a harm to herself or others so they let her go on her way.

The brother, who did not want to be identified, told ABC 10, “So they didn’t do anything, and she got killed… and three or four more people got hurt.”

According to ABC News, the Mountain View Police Department has confirmed that they found a woman identified as Nasim Najafi Aghdam asleep in her car in a parking lot in that city on Tuesday morning.

The Mountain View Police Department said in a statement, “Our officers made contact with the woman after the license plate of her vehicle matched that of a missing person out of Southern California. The woman confirmed her identity to us and answered subsequent questions. At the conclusion of our discussion, her family was notified that she had been located.”

You can view many of Nasim Najafi Aghdam’s videos that were on YouTube on Twitter as people posted them in tweets before they were taken down. As reported in an earlier Inquisitr article, Aghdam’s videos have been pulled from the internet. As you can see in the many comments on the different tweets, people considered them quite strange.