‘Affluenza’ Teen Ethan Couch’s Mother Tonya Couch Arrested Again Just Before Son Is Released

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Just as “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch is about to be released from prison for another shot at probation, his mother, Tonya Couch has failed a urine test while on probation herself and has been arrested again. All three members of the Couch family have had various brushes with the law, and it seems that the “affluenza” family scandal isn’t over yet. Tonya Couch has not yet faced her trial for taking her son Ethan Couch down to Mexico to avoid his own probation violation after pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter.

Affluenza Mom Tonya Couch Is Back Behind Bars

The New York Daily News says that just days before Ethan Couch is due to be released from a Texas prison, his mother, Tonya Couch, violated her probation for the third time, leading the judge to issue a warrant for her arrest. Tonya Couch was taken to a Tarrant County, Texas, jail Wednesday after she failed a urine test. Tonya Couch, 50, has been free on bail ever since she was returned to Ft. Worth, Texas, in 2016 after an international manhunt.

Tonya Couch is set to go to trial in May for money laundering and hindering the apprehension of a fugitive (her son, Ethan Couch). Ethan Couch will be released on April 2 to get another chance at probation.


The conditions of Tonya Couch’s probation say that she cannot have or even handle a firearm, and cannot use drugs or alcohol. Tonya Couch violated her probation previously with a beer and for holding a firearm at a local gun show. In both situations, the judge gave Couch a warning, but a failed drug test was a bridge too far.

Ethan Couch Will Be Released From Prison On April 2

Ethan Couch is now facing 10 years of probation after serving 18 months behind bars. According to family members, Ethan Couch is planning to get married soon after his release from prison. His fiancee, Carla Thompson, has reportedly been with him since he dropped out of high school.

“She has stuck by him all along, she’s been with him for years. I don’t think it will be long after he gets out of prison that they get married.”


Tonya Couch Goes To Trial In May

His aunt believes that Ethan Couch will make an attempt to get his life on track after he is released from prison. She says as a child, Ethan Couch wanted to be a doctor.

“He always wanted to be a doctor. He was very smart as a child, and he could have done it. He would still like to be in the medical field. But whether he can fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor with all this behind him, I don’t know — probably not.”