Groupon Ads Using ‘N****r Brown’ To Describe Footwear, Spark Outrage

Charles Rex ArbogastAP Images

Outraged customers are calling for a Groupon boycott after two third-party vendors posted boots for sale with the help of a racial slur on Wednesday.

According to the Daily Beast, a female pair of suede moccasin boots for $52.99 was listed on the site with four color choices.

One of those choices was “N****r Brown.”

Another pair described as suede leather fur-lining boots, for men and women, priced at $89 also used the N-word to describe one color option from a possible three.

The distasteful shoes have since been removed, but sources speaking to New York Daily News say the shoes have been available online for quite awhile. The female suede moccasin boots were last cached February 20, while the unisex suede leather fur-lining boots were cached March 19.

The sellers have since been banned from the site.

Xularo sold not only Women and Men Suede Leather Fur Lining Winter Boots. The vendor also sold everything else from sweaters to iPhone cases. Margines was the second seller that posted the Women’s Fringed Suede Moccasin Boots.

Both products were being offered at a 46 percent discount.

A statement from Groupon slammed the third-party sellers for contravening the company’s policies and values. The online marketplace went on to promise customers that nothing of that nature would ever happen again.

“Language like this has no place on Groupon and we’re further strengthening our self-service controls to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

However, it seems like the company will need to do more than offer an apology as many customers are venting on social media and saying they will no more be using Groupon’s services.

This is not the first time that a major U.S. retailer has used the N-word to describe an item’s color. Last December, a third party vendor selling weave caps, also described one of the color options as “N****r brown.”

A Walmart spokesman would later apologize profusely in a statement circulated to all media outlets, including the New York Post. Critics have consistently slammed the popular retailer for not doing enough to vet its vendors.

Jagazi, the United-Kingdom based manufacturer of the weave caps also posted an awareness message, telling people that the culprits were trying to make a quick buck, selling fake products and using their brand name.

Amazon has also been bashed for still selling a novel by classic crime writer, Agatha Christie named Ten Little N*****s, the Huffington Post is reporting.