Man Tells Woman He Was Poisoned And Will Die In 48 Hours Unless She Has Sex With Him, She Agrees


The New Zealand Herald is reporting the man told the woman that he had been coerced to drink a poisonous toxin and would die within 48 hours unless she had sex with him.

According to a police report, the 24-year-old man went to the woman’s house writhing in pain and clutching his ribs. He told the woman that he needed to sweat out the harmful toxin he had ingested if he was to survive.

The woman had told him to go for a run and sweat it out. According to the report, the 24-year-old man said it would not work as he needed to sweat out the purported drug in a certain way.

He implored the woman to help him as the person who gave him the vial of toxin told him there was no antidote. He also added that the man had flown out of the country.

The woman was skeptical about his claims. But she began getting emails from an unknown source which seemingly verified his story.

The emails seen by TVNZ corroborated the man’s story, telling the woman she needed to have sex with the man thrice within the 48-hour window as well as perform sexual acts on him four times to fully purge the toxin from his body.

The woman told police that she had sex with the man because she totally believed that he would die if she did not.

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Surprisingly, after the multiple sex sessions, she still continued to receive emails from the anonymous source. The emails told the woman to continue having sexual relations with the man, as many as seven times a day or until he got tired and fell asleep.

The emails also urged her to allow the man to film the sexual activity on his phone, with promises of a car and money if she did as asked.

The woman began to suspect it was the man she had saved when the emails referred to the 24-year-old man by a nickname only he called himself.

She confided in a friend who told her to report to the police.

The New Zealand man was arrested and pleaded guilty to sexual connection by threat and is due to be sentenced May 25.