Matt Lauer Not ‘Dumped’ By Friends Like Billy Joel After Sexual Misconduct Scandal, Reports ‘Gossip Cop’

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Recent reports that Matt Lauer’s friendship with Billy Joel is “over in the wake of Lauer’s sexual harassment scandal” are completely untrue, claims Gossip Cop.

What has the fact-checking publication refuted?

Radar Online contends that the disgraced former Today host has been “dumped” by celebrity pals such as Billy Joel and Howard Stern because of his recent sexual harassment allegations that resulted in the former morning host’s firing from the popular NBC morning program.

Describing Lauer as “sleazy,” Radar Online contends that Hamptons pals Lauer and Joel are now estranged. They allege that the “Big Shot” singer has “jumped ship” from the friendship, avoiding being associated with Lauer’s “seedy reputation.” They also allege that Lauer has not been invited to sit in the front rows of his concerts.

The “source” that spoke to Radar Online claims that both talk show host Stern and musician Joel already didn’t have “good track records,” and neither man wished to risk rocking the boat with their current wives, so they now allegedly avoid hanging out with the former Today host.

They never mentioned Howard Stern in their fact-checking analysis, but Gossip Cop focused on fact-checking the relationship between Billy Joel and Matt Lauer.

The publication contends that Billy Joel is not avoiding Matt Lauer because he moved to Florida last summer. They explain that Joel only returns to New York for his residency at Madison Square Garden, which is “once a month.”

Regarding concert seats, they also refer to a Billy Joel Billboard Magazine interview from 2014 that reveals that the musician saves the front two rows for lucky fans selected from the “nosebleed seats.”

Their confidant believes that the two were linked up as “good friends” because Joel and Lauer both live on Long Island and that “everything about this” story is “false.”

Although Lauer has been reportedly laying low and away from media attention, it has been confirmed that he has been in contact with some of his former co-workers by text–and they do not appear to be rejecting him.

According to ET, when Hoda Kotb was announced as his replacement, Kotb happily revealed that Lauer sent her a text with some “nice words.”

People spoke to Billy Bush who reported that Lauer reached out to him by text and asked for self-help book titles to help him get through this period of time.

Bush, who had his own disgraceful dismissal from Today, shared some titles to get him started. Bush insists that although his relationship with Lauer was “complicated” when they both worked at NBC, yet, he didn’t find any joy in seeing Lauer get fired.

At this time, the public does not seem to be ready to forgive Lauer.

Recently, the caricature of Lauer’s face, as well as of Harvey Weinstein‘s and Bill Cosby’s, were “hidden” from the infamous wall at The Palm.

According to Eater, who reported from Page Six, “pieces of paper” are now hiding the faces of these three men who have all been accused of sexual harassment, or worse.

The Palm issued a statement explaining that public demand is why they had to go to such drastic measures and covered Matt Lauer’s caricature.

“We are not the judge or jury on these folks, but we do respond to customer complaints about anything that they don’t like in our restaurants… When we receive complaints from our guests, we respond by doing what we believe will make The Palm the best experience and most comfortable place for our customers.”