Peter Kay Death Hoax Re-emerges, The Comedian Is Not Dead From Mysterious Illness [Debunked]

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Peter Kay canceled his 2018 tour in December last year and has since been subject to a death hoax claiming the comedian is dead from an illness. The top Google searches for Peter Kay claims he is dead; however, the rumors are false.

Many fans have written on social media that the comedian has a mysterious illness, which some claim is leukemia. The 44-year-old comedian canceled his tour without giving his fans a specific reason, only citing that it involves his family and he will like to keep the matter private.

In February, English football manager Peter Reid fell victim to the hoax sending his condolences on Twitter, according to the Daily Express. Reid took a screenshot of a Peter Kay’s Wikipedia page, which was edited to convince fans that he has died.

Peter Kay has not been active on social media since he announced the cancellation of his tour. Many fans claim that the death hoax emerged from Facebook.

The hoax, which has been removed, claimed that the comedian had a private funeral.

Peter Kay canceled what would have been his first tour in about eight years. The tour was set to begin in April this year and quickly sold out.

Peter Kay is one of Britain’s most successful comedians and his net worth is estimated to be over $100 million.

In his last tour in 2010, Kay performed 112 shows and sold out over 750,000 tickets. He performed most of the shows in Manchester so that he could remain close to his family in Bolton.

A fan claimed to have seen Peter Kay take his children to school, disputing the death rumors. Peter Kay is married to Susan Gargan and they have three children.

Peter Kay canceled his tour for unforeseen circumstances and has not divulged any more details.

Some fans have been sharing a report about the death of Sporting Chance rehab clinic co-founder Peter Kay, who passed away in 2013.

Peter Kay offered refunds for fans that bought tickets to his tour. It is unclear when or if the comedian will return to touring.

Peter Kay is alive and is keeping the status of his tour and family situation private.