Swedish Woman Steals Train, Crashes Into Apartment Building

A young Swedish woman was injured after stealing a commuter train and crashing it into an apartment building.

The train was stolen from an Arriva train station just outside Stockholm, Sweden. The 22-year-old woman was able to obtain a set of keys and proceeded to drive the train for approximately one mile before it derailed. Unfortunately, the derailment sent the train crashing through a three-story apartment building occupied by three families.

According to UPI.com, the train crashed into a ground floor kitchen, causing what is described as “severe damage.”

Thankfully, none of the apartment’s occupants were injured. The woman who stole the train was no so lucky. As reported by Associated Press, she was flown to a hospital in Stockholm with serious injuries.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was not unknown to Arriva employees. She worked for a company that had a contract to clean the train. Tomas Hedenius, spokesman for Arriva stated that he had “only heard good things about her.”

Hedenius cannot explain how she got the keys to the train but stated that driving a train is not as difficult as it many seem:

“Generally speaking that’s possible even if you’re not a train driver. You can read about it on the Internet, or observe how others do it.”

Authorities have not been able to determine the woman’s motive or whether the crash was intentional. Police have issued an order for detention for suspicion of “public devastation.” It is hoped that when she begins to recover she will be able to answer some questions about what compelled her to steal and crash the train.