Sam Nunberg: Trump’s Former Campaign Aide Says Trump May Have Colluded With Russia

Jorge SilvaPool via AP Images

Sam Nunberg was one of the first aides to jump onto Donald Trump’s campaign, and now he is back stirring up controversy by bringing up Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia in a series of interviews on cable news stations.

Speaking to a series of cable news outlets on Monday, Nunberg said he believes that Trump “did something” with Russia and believes that former top aide Carter Page was actively colluding with Russia during the campaign. Speaking in a phone call with The Lead with Jake Tapper on CNN — after having already spoken with Gloria Borger of CNN and Katy Tur of MSNBC — Nunberg said it is entirely possible that Trump did, in fact, collude with Russia.

Nunberg’s media circuit continued on Monday beyond cable news, including local New York news station NY1. He had plans for more interviews as the evening went on.

In the interviews, Nunberg alternated between calling the Russian investigation a “witch hunt” and speculating that Donald Trump indeed may have colluded with Russia.

“I think they may,” said Nunberg (via NBC News). “I think that he (Trump) may have done something during the election. But I don’t know that for sure.”

In the interviews, Nunberg said he would tear up a subpoena from Mueller for records related to the campaign, essentially daring the investigators to arrest him for failing to comply. At one point, he also demanded to know if others had ignored subpoenas and what the consequences were for those actions.

As Vox noted, Sam Nunberg first joined Donald Trump’s campaign in 2014, the earliest days of the real estate mogul’s run for the Republican nomination.

Sam Nunberg’s interviews have caused quite a stir online, with many noting the seemingly unhinged series of phone calls and appearances.


As Raw Story noted, many compared it to the media run from former Trump aide Carter Page, who also gave a series of interviews described as “bizarre” while defending himself against charges of improper contact with Russia.

Donald Trump has continued to deny charges that he or his campaign colluded with Russia. Robert Mueller’s investigation has led to a series of arrests, including Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.