Fredrick Demond Scott: Missouri Man Who Threatened To ‘Kill All White People’ Indicted For Three Killings

Jackson County Prosecutor's Office

A Kansas City-area man who threatened to “kill all white people” was indicted on Friday for three murders, bringing the total number of murders he’s charged with to six, Fox News is reporting.

Fredrick Demond Scott, 23, stands accused of six murders, carried out on multiple occasions. Last summer he was charged with the murders of Steven, Gibbons, 57, John Palmer, 54, and Karen Harmeyer, 64. And on Friday, he was charged with three additional murders: those of David Lenox, 67, Timothy Rice, 57, and Michael Darby, 61.

In the cases of four of the five male victims, all were fatally shot along walking and hiking trails in suburban Kansas City. According to The Kansas City Star, all except Lenox were fatally shot from behind in “surprise attacks” as they walked their dogs or otherwise enjoyed the suburban nature hikes. Lenox, in a departure from the other killings, was shot not near a nature trail but instead while he was walking down the street.

The female victim, Harmeyer, had been homeless and living in a tent. Her decomposing body was found in a tent in the Kansas City suburb of Grandview.

The killings took place over the course of about a year. The first victim, Lenox, was killed Feb. 27, 2017. He had been on his way home from having walked his dogs when he was shot dead.

The last victim was Gibbons, who was found August 13. Police consider surveillance video and physical evidence from Gibbons’ murder as their big break in the case. In the video, the gunman – allegedly Scott – could be seen following Gibbons. Later, DNA evidence from a cigarette butt and an iced tea bottle linked Scott to the scene of the murder.

According to a September 2017 Kansas City Star report, Scott, who is African American, had once threatened to “kill all white people.” All six of his alleged victims were white. What’s more, Scott had reportedly once threatened to “shoot up a school.”

Scott’s mother, for her part, had claimed that her son had been “demonized” by schizophrenia.

As of this writing, police are not saying whether or not these murders were racially motivated.