Katie Holmes Is Not Making Strict Diet Demands To Jamie Foxx, Despite Report [Debunked]

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are still evading questions about their mysterious relationship that has allegedly been ongoing for years now. It seems now that the secretive couple are in fact an item, despite, quite simply, preferring to keep their romance out of the Hollywood spotlight. Who can blame them?

Holmes did, after all, find herself the subject of a media circus during her romance with, marriage to, and divorce from action star Tom Cruise. The actress is clearly more set on focusing on her career and ensuring fans do so as well, while she keeps her daughter, Suri Cruise, from another frenzy.

This, however, does not keep the tabloids from conjuring up rumors about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. The pair is so tight-lipped about their relationship that gossip publications dig and do their best to bring stories to the forefront no matter their veracity.

The most recent claim is that Katie Holmes is taking aim at Foxx’s diet and attempting to get the Django Unchained star to change his unhealthy eating habits. Radar Online has been found guilty of perpetuating the said rumor.

Foxx made it seem like he was “health-conscious” when the two first started dating, but the actress has come to realize “he’s a candy bar-eating closet junkie.” Apparently, Holmes is “dedicated to diet and exercise, but Foxx isn’t as concerned with staying fit. Now it seems that the actress is putting her foot down,” according to the said insider who shares the fabrication.

The source goes on to claim that Katie has “banned” Jamie from “eating junk food,” and that Holmes is worried about Foxx seeing as the actor and comedian is 50 years old.

Gossip Cop, however, has determined that the story about Katie taking charge of Jamie’s diet selections and his “cookie hoarding” is completely ridiculous and proves that tabloids truly are stretching for any story about this popular yet mysterious duo.

A reliable source close to Holmes “laughed off” the claim, as the gossip policing site notes, which also suggests that the story was fabricated after Katie and Jamie were spotted heading to the gym together on Valentine’s Day.

It’s clear that Holmes and Foxx love spending time together and that they also enjoy being able to do so without having to make a statement or an announcement about what their status is.

Foxx made it known that he is not too keen on talking about Holmes to the media when he walked out of an ESPN interview after being questioned about his alleged romance with Katie.