Photo Of Nikolas Cruz Burying Mother’s Ashes Shows Stark Contrast From Being A ‘School Shooter In The Making’

Photos of Nikolas Cruz interring his dead adoptive mother recently emerged online, revealing a stark contrast to warnings received by authorities about him being a “school shooter in the making.”

In the images obtained by the Daily Mail, the 19-year-old Florida gunman can be seen with his adoptive brother, Zachary, laying their mother, Lynda, to rest.

The brothers, who both looked somber, each held one side of the metallic urn containing Lynda’s ashes as they placed it into a tomb.

A second photo believed to be taken around the same time shows Nikolas wearing the same red shirt and smiling in front of a Christmas tree. According to the outlet, both pictures were taken around late November or December last year but did not disclose the exact location.

Apparently, it was also around the same time when authorities received phone calls informing them about Nikolas, who was supposedly “collecting guns and knives.” Police were also warned that the troubled teenager would likely “kill himself one day” and could be a “school shooter in the making.”

However, many pointed out that the photos of Nikolas burying his mother and smiling by a Christma tree showed little to no signs of the mentioned threats.

But a closer look at the warnings received by authorities reveals that the suspect definitely posed a danger. According to the CNN, a 911 log released by Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office revealed that Nikolas had a violent outburst on November 28.

Apparently, he blamed his rage on his mother’s recent death. The report noted that Nikolas became enraged after misplacing his late mother’s photo.

“The thing is I lost my mother a couple weeks ago, so, like, I’m dealing with a bunch of things right now,” the troubled teenager told the 911 dispatcher. He then apologized for his actions after a deputy found him later at a neighborhood park.

Meanwhile, Roxanne Deschamps, a woman who cared for Nikolas after his mother died, also called 911 and reported that he possibly buried a gun in their backyard.

Just days after that, she made a call again after her son Rock had gotten into a fight with Nikolas and that he was on his way to pick up a gun from Dick’s. She also told the operator that the troubled teen has “tons of ammo” and even used a gun against other people in the past.

Nikolas Cruz open fired at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, killing 17 people on Valentine’s Day. Authorities revealed that he has confessed to the killings and has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder.