Matt Lauer And Meghan Markle Did Not ‘Hook Up,’ According To ‘Gossip Cop’

Chris Jackson/Monica SchipperGetty Images

Disgraced Today host Matt Lauer and Prince Harry’s betrothed, Meghan Markle, did not “hook up” in a dressing room as a recent tabloid has “revealed,” corrects Gossip Cop. They claim that the recent cover story, titled “Meghan & Matt’s Secret Dressing Room Hook-Up,” is completely false.

Gossip Cop calls out the National Enquirer for “falsely” announcing that the Suits actress and the former Today anchor were “caught in a dressing room hook-up” back in 2016. Both Lauer and Markle are splashed out on the cover of the gossip paper.

Gossip Cop insists that the alleged NBC “source” was fabricating “claims to the gossip magazine” stating that “[t]here was something going on between the two of them.”

The crux of the fake article claims that Lauer and Markle allegedly had “chemistry” and that Lauer wanted her to be one of the consultants that regularly appeared on Today.

The NBC source reportedly claimed that the soon-to-be-royal and the former morning show host “vanished together” into Lauer’s locked office, “at least two occasions,” for the alleged trysts. GC claims that this is far from the truth.

Gossip Cop continued to “ridicule” the piece by condemning the “body language expert” that the National Enquirer allegedly spoke to regarding the specific moments between Meghan Markle and Matt Lauer. The expert they spoke to alleges that when Lauer touched Meghan’s elbow, it “compares it to groping her chest.”

The outlet reporting the “hook-up bombshell” also alleges that it has “plunged” Meghan and Harry’s wedding plans “into chaos.” Gossip Cop alleges that this story is totally fabricated because they mention that “Queen Elizabeth giving Markle a ‘royal makeover'” has been “debunked long ago.

GC contends that the National Enquirer put together this “fictional narrative” because the dream team of Matt Lauer and Meghan Markle were the “most searched people of 2017.”

Start with the notoriety of Matt Lauer’s confirmed sexual misconduct that led him to be ceremoniously fired from Today. Couple that with the excitement leading up to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, which the National Enquirer states now has “a shadow over it” because of the “manufactured” controversy, which Gossip Cop calls just plain “silly.”

GC states that the “National Enquirer has now combined two of the most popular subjects in the most sensational, salacious and untrue way.”

Gossip Cop not only makes it clear that the “tabloid’s cover story is wrong,” but that an “attorney for Kensington Palace” has contacted the offending periodical, “expressing concerns about the inaccurate report.” They also have spoken to a “royal insider” who discussed possible “legal ramifications.” It appears that the royals are not pleased by this offending article.