300-Pound Romney Sign Nabbed For Free From Craigslist Ad

A 300-pound Romney sign shaped like the state of Iowa was nabbed for free by an Iowa man. The 300-pound Romney sign was fashioned by factory workers in Dubuque, Iowa and appeared with Mitt Romney on Iowa campaign stops leading up to the caucus. The 300-pound steel slab was emblazoned with Mitt Romney’s “Believe in America” motto and the landlord was trying to get rid of it through a Craigslist ad because it was left abandoned at a former Des Moines campaign office according to Yahoo News.

With recycling companies offering 50 cents for every pound of steel scrap metal you would think that the 300-pound Romney sign would have been destined for some “change we can believe in.” (Sorry, couldn’t help it.) After all, that’s $150 for the taking if you own a truck large enough to haul the large Romney sign away.

The rather large piece of memorabilia now belongs to 27-year old Republican Don McDowell, who nabbed the 300-pound Romney sign with his brother who is a Democrat. Finally, some bipartisan efforts that are working! McDowell is an avid collector of political historical pieces and he explained to the Examiner why he wanted this particular piece:

“I’ve been going to political events since about the time I could walk so I’ve got signs, buttons and things from the caucuses and the straw poll,” he said. Among the highlights of his collection prior to the Romney sign was a ‘mini-statue of Jimmy Carter holding a peanut.'”

Interesting that a 300-pound Romney sign would garner such national attention. Perhaps with all the recent tax hikes some people are beginning to wish they’d picked another presidential candidate? Or maybe we should be gathering the remnants of these exorbitantly expensive political campaigns and donate them toward paying off the national debt?