WWE News: Rey Mysterio Comments On Possible WWE Return After ‘Royal Rumble’ Appearance

Rey Mysterio might be closer than ever to a WWE return, not long after he was one of the surprise entrants in the 2018 Royal Rumble. In a recent interview with a British publication, the former WWE Champion said that there’s a good chance he will be returning to the company three years after he had last stepped into a WWE ring.

In an interview with the Mirror that was published on Sunday, 43-year-old Mysterio touched on several topics, but he mainly focused on his appearance at the 2018 Royal Rumble, where he entered 27th and got a warm reception from the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. This was a huge contrast to the loud boos he got as the last man to enter the 2014 Royal Rumble, which was held at the same venue.

Looking back on how poorly he was received four years ago, Rey Mysterio said that he understands why the fans had once booed him despite his longtime fan-favorite status, as they were expecting to see the immensely popular Daniel Bryan enter as the 30th and final competitor in the Royal Rumble match. According to Rey, it all boiled down to the timing of WWE’s creative decisions during that event.

“When [the fans] are expecting to see a face that they want to see and you give them the wrong one, then they are going to boo. Not at you, but at the way that show was written.”

With Rey Mysterio’s ostensible one-time WWE return at the 2018 Royal Rumble going over very well with the WWE Universe, rumors of a more long-term arrangement with the company have been swirling over the past week or so. Mysterio admitted that there has been some talk of bringing him back to the WWE, and while no contracts have been signed as of this writing, the chances of a longer-term WWE deal appear to be quite solid.

“I want to say that there is a big possibility that I will be back. [We’re] figuring out what the situation is, you know, from both ends. But there is definitely positive feedback on behalf of the fans, on behalf of the WWE staff and behalf of myself.”

Should Rey Mysterio make a formal WWE return in the coming weeks, the most likely scenario could be an appearance in the ongoing Cruiserweight Championship tournament, which was launched last week in the aftermath of erstwhile champion Enzo Amore’s release from the company. Cageside Seats mentioned Mysterio as the best option WWE has if it wants a bigger name to take part in the tournament, as having him compete in the Cruiserweight Division could make the struggling division more popular, especially among casual fans, while also allowing Rey to work a lighter schedule as an “elder statesman.”