Flu Vaccine: 4-Year-Old Suspended From School Until He Gets The Flu Shot

A 4-year-old New Jersey boy was asked not to return to school without a flu shot, even though his parents claim that the child is allergic to one of the vaccine’s ingredients.

Jeremy Pereira is allergic to eggs, and raw egg is listed on the ingredients that go in the flu vaccine. Although Jeremy’s parents explained their son’s allergies to the school, the school won’t let Jeremy come back.

The Pereira’s say they had a letter from Jeremy’s pediatrician that explains his egg allergy. Unfortunately, the boy’s doctor recommended giving him the shot, and gauging his reaction. His parents refused to expose him to the allergen, however.

New Jersey is one of the only states in the nation that mandates the flu vaccination for young schoolchildren, from six months through 5 years old. With doctors continuing to recommend the flu vaccine, it is possible that more states will follow.

The state of New Jersey allows for religious and medical exemptions, but according to the state Department of Health, the child’s primary care provider has to determine if the child is likely to have a severe reaction to the vaccine. In Jeremy’s case, he was sitting at home playing on an iPad on Monday, instead of being in school, since his parents and doctor seem to disagree on whether or not Jeremy’s egg allergy exempts him from the vaccination rule.

According to The Huffington Post, Jeremy, who attends the Edward V. Walton School in Springfield Township, will not be allowed to return to school until April if the matter is not resolved.

If your child had an allergy to an ingredient in a vaccination, would you still get him/her vaccinated?