MI Walmart security guard forced into car, peed on by alleged shoplifters

How many times have you wanted to pee on those horrible people that expect you to queue to leave Walmart after dropping $200 on pet food and socks because they want to make sure you’re not shoplifting spatulas?

On Halloween night, a Walmart security guard learned the hard way why retail security guards are asked to not aggressively pursue shoplifters, even ones who seem clearly guilty. An incident reported to police by the unnamed guard just before 7:45pm involving $45 of merchandise saw the Walmart guard being headbutted into the accused’s car, sat and urinated on before being driven away with the suspects.

Police say the incident escalated when the women accused of the theft, Marilyn Cole, 35, and Rashieka L. Stewart, 23, broke away after being detained for suspected shoplifting of items including curtains and makeup. The guard ran after the women and attempted to block Cole from entering her vehicle. It was then that the women are alleged to have attacked the guard, who was later released to police before the women were forced out of the vehicle at gunpoint.

Cole was on parole for bank robbery at the time of the incident, and her bail was set at $35K. Stewart’s bail was ordered at $15K. Both women were charged with unarmed robbery, and Cole was also charged with interfering with a police report.

[via Consumerist]