California School Shooting: At Least Two People Shot

Taft Union High School Shooting

Gunshots have been reported at Taft Union High School, a public school located in inland Kern County, California.

A dispatcher for the local police station confirmed the gunshots but could not confirm if any fatalities resulted from the shooting.

According to the local sheriff’s department, at least two people were shot and the suspected shooter was taken into custody.

The shooting happened at around 9 am, and the shooter was arrested approximately 20 minutes later.

23ABC News says it received phone calls from frightened students who were hiding in closets as the school was searched and put on lockdown.

Further details to follow as they are made available.

[Update]: One of the shooting victims received minor injuries, and the second was hospitalized following the shooting. The condition of the hospitalized victim is not known at this time.

The shooting occurred on the second floor of the science building at Taft Union High School.

As gunfire rang out, students were quickly evacuated to the school’s football field.