‘Poop Sign’ Pranksters On The Loose In Portland [Video]

Portland, OR – An unidentified individual has changed “Stop” signs to “Poop” signs on at least two separate occasions.

Using stickers to obscure the first two letters, the pranksters have transformed an otherwise harmless sign into something that could be described as “mildly offensive.” According to KPTV, police have yet to locate the person or persons responsible for defacing the traffic signs.

One of the first “Poop” signs popped up in downtown Portland, while another was spotted in a nearby neighborhood. As of this writing, it’s unclear who might be altering these signs or if they intend to strike again. Given the amount of coverage the signs are receiving as of late, chances are another alteration is right around the corner.

According to ABC News, the prankster or pranksters responsible for “pooping” on the signs have been very careful to match the stickers to the coloring of the objects they’re defacing. Using reflector tape, the responsible parties have reportedly matched the size and font in an effort to make the change look seamless.

Although some people have been offended by having the word poop staring them in the face when they come to complete stop at an intersection, the changes haven’t really caused any major problems in Portland. Some folks said they found the joke funny.

KATU reports that workers have already changed some of the signs back, though it’s believed they may have more work to do in the near future. It’s also unclear how much money the city spent cleaning up this unusual mess or if other signs have been targeted.

Since the signs haven’t been permanently defaced, authorities don’t appear overly concerned about the joke. However, the issue could become a bit more problematic if the pranksters responsible for the “Poop” signs decided to strike again.

Video featuring some of the offending signs has been included below.

What do you think about the “Poop” signs that have been popping up around Portland lately? Do you think this is a harmless joke or a serious offense?

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