Prince William Reveals How Princess Diana Influenced The Way He And Kate Middleton Raise Their Kids

Prince William might be a member of the royal family, but he still learned a thing or two from his parents. During William’s speech at the yearly Public Meeting for the Charity Commission this week, he honored Prince Charles and his late mother, Princess Diana, by revealing how they both influenced the way he and Kate Middleton raise their little ones.

William Praises Diana’s Charitable Work

According to Hello Magazine, William explained how he thought about his upbringing when he first became a father and tries to instill the same values to his children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, that he learned growing up. Some of these values William knew right off the bat while others were a bit of a learning process.

“As any parent will know, this process is not necessarily one that you undertake consciously — you find that certain values and habits, ones that you didn’t know you had, start bubbling up to the surface,” William explained. “Some of my earliest memories relate to times that my parents spoke to me or — even better — showed me what it meant to have both privilege and responsibilities.”

What About Prince Charles?

William recalled one instance involving Princess Diana that helped shaped his parenting skills. Diana took her children to a homeless shelter and explained why it is important for society to take care of people who are less fortunate. He also shared a rare photo of his mom at the shelter, which also features him and his brother, Prince Harry.

As far as Prince Charles is concerned, William recalled how his father taught him about charitable work and the importance of finding an identity in giving. At the end of the day, Charles and Diana instilled a spirit of charity to both William and his brother, a value he hopes to pass down to his three children.

William Also Credited Queen Elizabeth II

William also talked about his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and the values she passed down to him. William told the crowd how Elizabeth shares a passion for charitable work and never misses the opportunity to mention a charity during her annual Christmas Day speeches.

While William talked a lot about the positives of society, he had worse things to say about social media.

William Isn’t A Fan Of Social Media

William recently bashed social media outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook, for ruining society as we know it. The prince also slammed people who troll online and blames it all on anonymity on the internet and the commercialization of the media.

William believes that people in Britain and around the world should stop living their entire lives on social media and start doing things that really matter. This includes charity work and being kind and compassionate towards others.

To his credit, William isn’t all talk. In fact, most of the members of the royal family contribute and support a variety of charities around the world and are active in their communities. By the sounds of it, Prince William is determined to pass this down to all three of his children.

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