New Poll: More Than Half Of America Says Donald Trump Is ‘Sexist, Profane And Reckless’

A majority of Americans now believe that not only is Donald Trump incompetent for the job, but “sexist, profane and reckless,” reports the Hill.

A new poll carried out by Politico/Morning Consult shows Americans are fast losing faith in the president (and mostly not because of his policy initiatives, but because of his temperament and personality), with a majority of Americans surveyed appearing more willing to attach negative attributes to Donald Trump than positive ones. For example, 57 percent of Americans called Trump “reckless” and 54 percent said that he was “profane,” while a measly 35 percent of voters said that they considered the president “honest” and only 33 percent of people called him “compassionate.” About 51 percent of people also said that Trump is “sexist,” while 46 percent called him “racist.”

While Trump’s popularity figures have been a constant source of trepidation for the administration, another reason for these steep negative numbers might be the events of the last few weeks, which has seen revelations about Trump’s alleged affair with adult star Stormy Daniels coming to light, as well as the president calling a host of African nations “s**thole” countries in a White House meeting.

The result of the poll also contains some irony in the fact that Trump has repeatedly attempted to assure Americans that he holds the “deepest respect” for women. In a recent interview with British TV journalist Piers Morgan, Trump claimed that he is not a feminist, but that should not put him outside the gambit of men who love and respect women.

“No, I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist. I mean, I think that would be, maybe, going too far,” Trump reportedly said. “I’m for women, I’m for men, I’m for everyone.”

The new poll also shed light on matters that Americans most want Donald Trump to address when he delivers the State of the Union address on Tuesday. The overarching concern that Americans want addressed is the healthcare system, with close to 59 percent of people saying that should be his number one agenda, while the issue that closely follows healthcare is unemployment and the creation of jobs, with 58 percent of people saying that should be the president’s priority.

More telling were other figures which showed that a major portion of Americans who would be tuning in to watch Trump deliver the speech are Republicans (76 percent), with only 37 percent of Democrats willing to join.