Melania Trump Is An ‘Opportunist’ Who ‘Is Extremely Likely To Also Be Narcissistic,’ Writes Ph.D. Author

First lady Melania Trump is a constant source of curiosity to the public. A new video of Melania released by the White House, which shows her still wearing a wedding band, has quickly swelled to enjoy more than 5,000 views on YouTube only hours after it was uploaded, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now, a new article on Quora about Melania is also gaining lots of attention approximately 24 hours after it was published.

When a question was posed about Melania, one answer received more than 14,000 views in one day. Author Elesa Zehndorfer answered the query, “If President Donald Trump is a narcissist, then what is the personality of Melania?” The author surmised a theory somewhat different than that of victim espoused in “Free Melania” campaigns. Instead Elesa profiled Melania as an “opportunist,” and ascribed narcissistic tendencies to the first lady.

Zehndorfer, author of the books, Leadership: A Critical Introduction and The Physiology of Emotional and Irrational Investing: Causes and Solutions, works as a Research Officer for British Mensa and is a Research Associate at Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K.

Elesa pointed to theories about harmful persuasiveness in leadership to describe a view of Melania that paints her as a woman not only willing to put up with “a narcissistic charismatic leader,” but pegged Mrs. Trump as a likely narcissist herself, willing to trade certain basic tenets of relationships for material acquisitions.

“According to charismatic and destructive leadership theory, Melania is an opportunist, who indulges a narcissistic charismatic leader by giving him what he needs to feed his narcissism (beauty, subjugated version of spousal support by fitting the ‘keep quiet, do as you’re told’ image of a wife). In return, she receives what she needs — wealth, nice things, status. She is extremely likely to also be narcissistic, given the high price she seems willing to pay for the acquisition of these material things over love and respect.”

Although President Donald Trump has been called narcissistic plenty of times, it is an assessment not often directed at Melania. Body language experts like India Ford have studied photos of Mr. and Mrs. Trump, according to The Independent, coming up with the diagnosis that Melania viewed the “narcissistic” Donald in a manner similar to “a child looking for constant validation.”

Elesa’s theory, viewing Melania as a narcissist, represents an uncommon one that itself has gained positive responses. On Twitter, many of the mentions of “Melania” and “narcissist” feature people calling Melania’s husband a narcissist. Zehndorfer, who holds a Ph.D. from Loughborough University, focuses on leadership attributes in a variety of environments, from the corporate to the collegiate, and now, to the political arena.

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