Video: Melania Trump Still Wears Wedding Ring In Newly-Released White House Holocaust Memorial Museum Footage

Even though President Donald Trump doesn’t wear a wedding ring, nor does Viktor Knavs – Melania Trump’s dad, Melania still wears her wedding band.

A new video titled “First Lady Melania Trump Visits United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,” which the White House released on Saturday, January 27, is getting attention in the wake of all the controversies surrounding Melania lately. As seen in the footage, Melania donned a $2,366 Dolce & Gabbana trimmed grisaille coat-dress as she walked around the museum pensively, as reported by the Inquisitr. During certain points in the journey, as Melania solemnly considered the pile of shoes of Holocaust victims and photos of the dead in the museum, she blithely carried her left hand in an upwards manner, giving the public a peek at her left hand – and flashes of her left ring finger. In doing so, eagle-eyed viewers could spot a flash of something sparkling high up near her knuckle of her left ring finger, perhaps a wedding band.

Melania did not appear to be wearing the large diamond that she wore in the above photo, taken September 8, 2010. With questions over Melania’s response to the furor over her husband’s alleged former mistress, Stormy Daniels, looming large – along with any divorce buzz – folks are watching every move the first lady makes for clues to her intentions. As reported by the Palm Beach Post, Melania spent only 28 hours in Palm Beach County at Mar-a-Lago before deciding to return to D.C. on Friday, January 26, the same night that President Donald Trump was scheduled to fly back from Davos, Switzerland – a trip that Melania decided not to take even though she was originally scheduled to accompany Trump overseas.

Melania Trump’s ring was photographed in March of 2010.

As reported by the Palm Beach Daily News, Melania has gotten presents from her husband such as upgraded diamond rings. After being married for 10 years, Trump gave Melania a 25-carat diamond ring to go along with the 12-carat engagement ring she already owned. With rings so hulking and large, it’s understandable that Mrs. Trump isn’t always photographed wearing the large diamonds. However, it appears Melania has still decided to wear some symbol of being married around her ring finger.

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