Indian Man Cheats Death After Getting Hit While Taking Selfie In Front Of Train, Video Goes Viral

An Indian man was hit by a running train while he was trying to pull off a stunt by talking a selfie in front of the incoming vehicle. The selfie video, which captured the moment, has now become viral on social media.

The student in his 20s is from Hyderabad in the Indian state of Telengana. His name is Subhash alias Shiva. According to police, the man has suffered serious injuries in his head, chest, and right hand after he had been hit by the Hyderabad Multi-Modal Transport System (MMTS) train.

In the video, the man’s friend was heard apparently asking him to move away as the train was fast approaching. The man was not interested in moving away, as he wanted to capture the selfie video with the incoming train. As the train approached him, it warned the man with the deafening horn. Soon, the man got hit by it and his mobile phone was thrown away.

The incident took place on Sunday, and a case of trespassing has been lodged against the man, India Today reported. Shiva, with his friend, went to the railway tracks to shoot the selfie video.

According to police, the man did not pay heed to the loco pilot’s warning as he did not realize the danger. Sub-Inspector Dasya Naik told Indian Express the train had hit the student, who was thrown off the railway track.

“He received serious injuries on right hand, head and chest, but is out of danger now.”

Government Railway Police released the selfie video for public viewing.

The video goes viral only a day after another video showing a railway track stunt went viral. According to First Post, the other video shows a Kashmiri man lying on a railway track as a train moved over him.

The man was left unharmed during the process. He was even seen celebrating the success.

According to Yahoo News, this incident represents a dangerous trend in India. The Asian country has recorded the largest number of “selfie deaths” in recent years. In the first two quarters in 2016, 73 people were killed while trying to take an extreme selfie. In the previous year, the number was 39. It was 15 in 2014.

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