Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Are Not Feuding Over $400 Million, Estranged Couple Signed Prenup [Debunked]

Although Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have endured a tough time lately, the former A-list couple has been trying to find their way through their divorce proceedings and custody battle. However, money is not the issue the two are feuding over, despite what some reports say.

The most recent claims regarding the stars’ ongoing divorce proceedings allege Brad and Angelina are feuding over money. OK! is the culprit in purporting that the estranged couple is feuding over $400 million and that neither one will give an inch on the matter.

Gossip Cop relayed details of the story which involves a source who stated that Pitt and Jolie are “both playing hardball. Angie wants a huge cash payout, plus stakes in their properties and their assets divided up equally. ”

The supposed insider goes on to state that this is a “huge sticking point for Brad” due to having invested millions of dollars into an art collection and other “passion projects that have nothing to do with [Angelina].”

Adding to these already false claims, the source goes on to state that emotions have been high over the millions in question and that Jolie is hopeful that Pitt will eventually just “roll over” and give in.

The gossip policing site has looked further into reasons for the lengthy divorce proceedings and has determined that there are a number of factors at play that don’t involve money. The Bollywood Ticket even reminded readers that Brad and Angelina signed a prenup before they tied the knot, which keeps their assets divided.

As the publication noted, the custody battle is likely what is causing more difficulty in finalizing the divorce. Angelina Jolie is seeking full physical custody of their six children, and the UN special envoy made it very publicly known that she was set on this being the case back in fall of 2016 when the star indicated she was filing for divorce.

Since then, Brad Pitt has done everything he can to be a better father to his children by attending rehab and seeking therapy regularly. Jolie has since allowed Pitt more time with the children as a result.

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