Mall Brawl In Cherry Hill New Jersey [Video]

Cherry Hill Mall sign

On the same night that a massive fight closed the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, teenagers also brawled at the Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey.

As is becoming standard operating procedure, the video of the mall brawl was posted on YouTube.

ABC News reports that some 20 teens may have been involved in the punching and kicking melee in Cherry Hill but that there were apparently only two victims. The fight may have started over someone’s girlfriend. The victims of the attack fortunately avoided serious harm.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the fight broke out at about 8 pm on Saturday:

“Two teenage boys suffered minor injuries in the latest outlandish behavior to be shot and then posted on the Internet, with township police wondering why someone would use their cell phone to shoot video of at least one minute of brawling instead of calling 9-1-1.”

Mall security called local police when things rapidly got out of control.

The Cherry Hill Mall issued a statement, CBS News reports, that said in part:

“The incident at Cherry Hill Mall Saturday night is isolated and rare. We strive to create a safe, enjoyable experience for our shoppers and employees and that will not change as a result of this incident.”

No arrests have been made as yet, but an investigation is ongoing. Cherry Hill police are requesting witnesses to the mall fight to come forward.

Do you think teenagers without their parents will be eventually banned across the board from shopping malls at least on the weekends?

[Top image credit: Tinton5]