‘Monster Hunter World’ Gets A PS4 Pro Special Edition, Video Gives First Look At Rotten Vale Location

Monster Hunter: World is coming to both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this month, but a marketing deal between Capcom and Sony has produced a gorgeous PS4 Pro special edition bundle, announced Tuesday. Capcom also released a new trailer inviting players into the stinking swamplands of the Rotten Value to face the Radobaan and other monsters.

The Limited Edition 1TB PS4 Pro Bundle for Monster Hunter: World will be released on January 26 for $449.99/£380. This will be sold exclusively at GameStop in the United States and select retailers in Europe.

The bundle will come with a black PS4 Pro console with the silhouette of a Rathalos, the fire wyvern, sketched across the top and adorned with red highlights. The game’s logo is also written in gold in one corner of the top while the front panel features Monster Hunter symbols.

A red Rathalos Edition DualShock 4 controller, previously announced for Japan, will also be included.

Naturally, a physical copy of Monster Hunter: World is included as part of the bundle, but there are some digital goodies as well. A dynamic PS4 theme plus a pair of in-game bonuses — the Origin armor set and Fair Wind charm — are packed in.

The Rotten Vale

Capcom also released a new Monster Hunter: World video to introduce the Rotten Vale. This swampland is a nasty place with a toxic ecology, rotting carcasses, and resilient monsters, according to the video’s narrator. The Radobaan is a perfect example of this, as it coats its tar-like body with the bones of other fallen monsters.

In the video, a hunter discovers the Radobaan’s lair and the pair engage in battle until an Odogaron is attracted by the commotion. The two monsters lock in combat while the hunter picks his spots to attack until the Radobaan falls.

The Odogaron turns its attention to the hunter once it stands victorious, and a chase then ensues. The hunter baits the monster deeper into the Rotten Vale in an attempt to even the odds and use the environment to his advantage.

Monster: Hunter World is due out January 26 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A final beta will hit the PS4 first January 18. A PC version is planned as well but will not arrive until later in 2018.

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