Final ‘Monster Hunter: World’ Beta Dated, New Trailer Introduces Elder Dragons

PlayStation 4 owners will get one more shot at test driving Monster Hunter: World before the game officially releases on the PS4 and Xbox One later this month. Capcom announced one last beta test for the action role-playing game in two weeks, and they also released a new trailer to introduce the Elder Dragons.

The third and final Monster World Hunter: World beta will start Thursday, January 18, for all PS4 owners and run five days until it concludes on Monday, January 22. This beta will include the Great Jagras, Anjanath, and Barroth quests from previous betas and adds a new battle against the flagship Nergigante monster.

Monster Hunter: World will launch on January 26 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a PC launch planned for fall 2018. Capcom confirmed plans to provide regular content updates to the title after it launches with major title updates being free.

The first free Monster Hunter: World update will arrive this spring with the addition of the Deviljho monster. A fan favorite introduced in Monster Hunter 3, this nomadic Brute Wyvern is constantly on the move and looking for something to eat. Its powerful hind legs allow it to run quickly and jump good distances.

The Elder Dragons

Capcom also introduced the Elder Dragons in Monster Hunter: World via a new trailer. This includes Kushla Dora, the steel dragon. Its body is covered in metal plates and will drive hunters away by creating massive wind storms around itself thanks to its giant wings.

Kusla Dora will be joined by Teostra, the flame king dragon. Unsurprisingly, hunters will want to come equipped to deal with fire when facing this beast. It is capable of spitting flames and setting the surrounding environment ablaze.

Finally, the Dodogama is a unique new addition with corrosive saliva that will cause rocks to become explosive. The Fanged Wyvern will spit its saliva at hunters to potentially make the entire battlefield one giant bomb that needs to be avoided.

The new Monster Hunter: World trailer also gives a bit of the story behind hunting the Elder Dragons and some of the other characters that will assist and guide players.

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