Dinner With Trump $3K Contest: Donate $0 To Try And Win Dinner For One With Trump At Mar-a-Lago In Palm Beach

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

There is a huge amount of interest in a new contest for people to win dinner with President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. As reported by Google Trends, the search terms “dinner with Trump contest” and “dinner with Trump” have experienced a “breakout” surge in search queries during the most recent four morning hours of Thursday, January 11. The term “GOP.com” surged 4,750 percent, with the Republican Party website featuring a prominent link to the “Have Dinner With President Trump” contest.

On the “Certified Website Of President Donald J. Trump,” there is a page that urges folks to try their hands at winning dinner with President Trump and getting their photos taken with Trump in Palm Beach. Even though that particular page tells people to “contribute any amount to be automatically entered to win,” there is a smaller link that allows people to contribute nothing to get a chance to win dinner with Trump. Those who donate are told that the campaign finance laws require the Trump website to collect their employment data.

The most prominent page of the sweepstakes website has pre-entered amounts ranging from $35 to $2,700 to help people determine what to give, even though it states that a person doesn’t need to contribute anything to enter the “Dinner with Trump” contest. It also states that giving money to Trump’s camp won’t improve a person’s chances of winning but entering $0.00 in that “Other” field doesn’t allow a person to move forward with entering. A separate link is available that instructs people who don’t want to donate but still wish to enter to win Dinner with President Trump for free.

Dinner With Trump $3K Contest: Donate $0 To Try And Win Dinner For One With Trump At Mar-a-Lago In Palm Beach

The contest explains that one person will be flown to Palm Beach to dine at Mar-a-Lago with President Trump. However, after entering with the free method, the site directs people who want extra chances to win back to the page that takes money.

“Thank you for entering to win dinner with President Trump in Florida. Want to unlock an extra entry into our sweepstakes with President Donald J. Trump?”

The contest details on the “Dinner with Trump” page explain that one winner will garner accommodations and round-trip travel to the dinner with President Trump. The dinner happens on January 20, when Trump will celebrate his “Trump Victory Dinner in Florida,” to commemorate the one year that will have elapsed since his Inauguration Day.

The value of the “Dinner with Trump” trip is listed as $3,000 and is open to U.S. residents that are at least 18 years of age.