Wendy Williams Talks About Falling, Skinny-Dipping In Mexico On Vacation With Husband As He Laughed [Video]

Chris PizzelloAP Images

Wendy Williams previously got plenty of buzz when Wendy fainted on live TV, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now Williams is describing how another recent fall nearly hurt her while on a 21-day break from her show. Wendy returned to new episodes of her TV talk show recently, sharing with her viewers the inside happenings from her Mexico vacation. Wendy also shared the below Instagram photo with her viewers, saying that she was able to skinny-dip at the unnamed resort in Mexico, which she visited with her husband, Kevin Hunter.

Williams described a “water feature” with no lip on it in Mexico, like a fountain without rails or edges. Wendy said that she had eaten dinner with her husband when they walked near the fountain and she ended up falling in the water.

“We look up. We were both holding hands. We were smashed. We just came from dinner.”

Wendy said she had her smaller handbag on her shoulder as Kevin walked to the lip of the water feature, but she was the one who fell in.

“I didn’t fall all nasty.”

Williams said that she still held his hand as she fell in, but not all the way into the water, although “the bag did dip.” Williams noted that she survived and so did her phone. With a bunch of families around, nobody cared, Wendy said, thankful that nobody had a camera to capture her fall on video.

“Falling is no joke. My husband clapped and laughed.”

Wendy said that she laughed as well, ending up squeezing out the bottom of her negligee. Williams insisted that water features need to have a lip in order to prevent people like her from falling in the water, which Kevin keeps calling a pool, according to Wendy.

“I like where we stayed. No bathing suit required. That was me, with a topknot and not much else. The food was so good. First time being to Mexico formally.”

As reported by BuzzFeed, Williams previously took a romantic vacation with her husband to Barbados. When the photos of Wendy on her beach vacation went viral, Williams responded to some of the body-shaming she received by clapping back at celebrities like T.I., who criticized Wendy’s criticisms of others.

Meanwhile, Williams’ latest adventures are getting plenty of buzz online, with commentators wondering why Wendy fell once more and those critiquing her appearance. Other staunch fans of Wendy are supporting her in the comments sections on social media.