Wendy Williams’ Husband, Kevin Hunter, Accused Of 10-Year Affair With Sharina Hudson: Couple Shares Mailbox

Wendy Williams is known for digging into the personal lives of celebrities and “spilling the tea” about their comings and goings. However, a new report about Wendy’s husband, Kevin Hunter, has put Williams’ marriage in the spotlight. According to the Daily Mail, Kevin has allegedly been having an affair with Sharina Hudson, a 32-year-old massage therapist. The publication claims that the 46-year-old Hunter has been cheating on the 53-year-old Wendy for at least 10 years – with allegations that Kevin moved Sharina into a $765,000 home not far from the New Jersey home that Kevin shares with Wendy.

Photos from the publication show Hunter and Sharina in a car and walking together, after reportedly working out. There are even photos of the names inside the mailbox of the $765,000 house, with Kevin’s name and Sharina’s name written on a piece of paper inside the mailbox. Sharina was allegedly moved by Hunter from a condo in Fort Lee to Morristown. Hudson’s large diamond ring on her left hand – where the engagement ring typically goes – is accompanied by claims that Kevin loves both Sharina and Wendy.

Photos of Wendy and Kevin in Barbados on vacation were also published on the website. Wendy has spoken about previous adultery that happened in her marriage, when Williams told viewers that she found out Kevin had cheated on her in 2001, in the wake of their son’s birth. However, most of that talk has ceased, and Wendy has denied the new affair claims about Sharina, according to Page Six. Wendy’s spokesperson claimed Hudson and Hunter were just friends. But the photo evidence seems damning for the 20-year marriage between Hunter and Williams, along with their business partnership, since Kevin is Wendy’s manager.

Photos of Sharina driving Kevin’s Bentley SUV accompany reports that Kevin and Sharina were seen entering and exiting the 3,900-square foot home several times together. The Daily Mail wrote that it was not clear how much Wendy knew about the alleged affair with Sharina, but the publication’s source claims that Kevin spends time with Sharina multiple times per week and spends the night often.

Sharina and Kevin allegedly hang out often but do not engage in displays of public affection, since Hunter has reportedly trained his alleged mistress against doing such things.

With intriguing allegations of violence and lawsuits settled out of court, the publication notes a dramatic union between Wendy, Kevin, and their workplace relationship, along with Hudson’s alleged relationship with Hunter. Kevin reportedly called Sharina his “shawty,” and Sharina allegedly wants Hunter to leave Wendy. Williams allegedly doesn’t question Kevin on where he goes, with claims that Hunter “runs the show” in their expensive home.

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