Florida Woman Vows Marriage To Game, Tetris After Completing College

A woman has fallen in love with the game Tetris and wants to get married.

Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan revealed to the Daily Mail that she had been in relationship with the game since 2016 after her previous relationship ended.

Hassan who now prefers to be known as Fractal Tetris Huracan was in a previous relationship with Pierre De Fermat—a calculator she christened after the famous mathematician.

Fractal explained that she told her mother to buy her the $150 TI-NSpire calculator after falling in love with it during an advanced statistics class. She said she found the calculator incredibly sexy and felt feelings that she had never felt before.

According to her, her emotions over Pierre raged like an uncontrollable fire that made her run fingers over the track pad and use her tongue to lick the buttons all the time. Fractal even took the gadget to the school prom when she was 16.

However, the relationship abruptly ended when she was cleaning Pierre one day and he short circuited and could not be fixed.

Fractal enjoys a more physical relationship with Tetris who she also regards as a male. She says that she spends over 12 hours every day playing the game. The 20-year-old divulged that another way of showing her affection towards her boyfriend was buying different Tetris paraphernalia.

The paraphernalia include Tetris-shaped lamps, Tetris magnets, Tetris T-shirts, Tetris necklaces, and rare Tetris hard drive editions which share her bed. Fractal, a mathematics fanatic speaking to the Sun, explained that after finishing college she planned to get married to Tetris.

Fractal pointed out that she was well aware that it could happen in the legal sense and so was opting for a commitment ceremony with her friends bearing witness.

“I want everybody to be there. I feel like that would be an official thing which would be set in stone and say ‘I love you and want to prove it to you’ by making it permanent and calling myself Mrs. Tetris.”

Fractal says it is a relationship that will last because Tetris continually stimulates her mind and that the satisfaction she derives from clearing the lines of the tile matching game as quickly as possible is beyond words.

Fractal’s bizarre attraction for things instead of people is known as objectum sexual and she is not the first person to display such behavior.

In 1979, Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer got married to the Berlin Wall. According to her, she goes weak in the knees for slim things with horizontal lines. While the rest of humanity rejoiced when the contentious wall was torn down in 1989, Berliner-Mauer was horrified and moaned about her husband “being mutilated.”

Erika Eiffel, an award-winning archer and objectphile held a commitment ceremony with the 186-year-old French Eiffel Tower. Since then she has fallen in love with a crane, fencing, and fighter jets. She presently runs a support website for people in love with inanimate objects.

In 2010, clinical sexologist Dr. Amy Marsh published the first journal on objectum sexual after interviewing 21 people. The sexologist speaking on U.S. television said she supported OS as a genuine but rare form of sexual orientation.

Fractal Tetris Huracan romance’s with the tile-matching puzzle game has left people calling her an “autistic freak” among many other derogatory names. Fractal said people say she is weird, but when she asks for just one reason why she cannot date Tetris, they have nothing to say.

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