Required Background Checks On Senior Care Facility Workers

Senior care facilities and centers offer eldercare or assisted living to those unable to meet everyday tasks for themselves. We take for granted the independent ability of preparing food, cleaning our home, and executing daily hygiene needs. However, with age, age related diseases like dementia, and injuries observation and medical care is required.

The elderly are especially vulnerable to abuse. The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), overseen by the US Administration on Aging, suggests ways of determining if a loved one is suffering abuse under the hands of their care providers.

Neglect arises in various forms. Failure to provide basic hygiene needs, leaving the person in their own filth and dressed in dirty clothing are obvious signs. A loved one appears to be emaciated or especially underweight, as they are not being provided food and nourishment. They physically show progressive signs of pressure sores (bedsores). These are caused from being kept stationary for prolonged periods of time. If someone is afflicted with a disability or injury that has cause limited ranges of ambulatory movement or mobility, they must be readjusted frequently in order to keep the skin from ulcerating.

The elderly are potential prey for those who wish to exploit them financially. This is observed when the basic amenities the person can normally afford are absent. A suddenly default in bills or missing funds.

The elderly can also be victims to sexual abuse and assault. This appears with unexplained sexually transmitted diseases, bruises, sores, cuts, and fractures.

James Tedisco, a Republican New York State assemblyman from the 110th District, and Senator Kathy Marichione are proposing a bill that would require senior care facilities to consult the state’s sex offender registry for all employees, according to NBC New York News.

Currently the law in New York doesn’t require a background check, which can be done at no charge to the facilities. This was proposed after a 91-year-old woman was improperly touched by a convicted sex offender employed at the Albany County center she resided in.

If you are using a facility or a personal in home care service utilize a few tips to prevent abuse. Make sure the person and or company you are using to attend to your loved one is properly vetted. Prevent easy access to financial papers and receipts. Drop in and visit often and irregularly meaning don’t go at the same time every time you visit. Develop a network of friends and neighbors who can also check in. Immediately report any suspected abuse and neglect to the proper authorities and Adult Protective Services.

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