Arizona Man Allegedly Bent Six-Month-Old Baby In Half To Keep Him Quiet

A baby boy who was allegedly bent in half by his father to stop him from crying has died.

Police arrested Robert Resendiz on December 19, after his six-month-old son was rushed to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital with injuries that doctors deemed impossible for him to survive.

According to medical documents made available to Fox2Now, the little child was found to have suffered grievous injuries that included a wrist fracture and lacerations to the liver and pancreas.

The 30-year-old father had called 911 and told the dispatcher that his little son was unconscious and not breathing. A responding officer had performed CPR on the little boy before paramedics arrived before he was rushed to the hospital where he eventually died.

Resendiz claimed that he had put the boy to sleep between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. and called 911, 12 hours later when he found the child unresponsive.

The child’s mother who was at work on that day, told a different story.

According to her, her son was awake when she left for work that morning. She said she texted Resendiz around 9:45 a.m. asking about their child and he responded at 11:45 a.m. that he was fine.

She said Resendiz sent a text an hour later, telling her that the little boy had stopped breathing.

Resendiz reportedly admitted to pressing his son’s legs over his head and bending his little body in half because he grew frustrated with his crying.

Robert Resendiz weighing over 210Ibs told investigators that he did not know the extent of the pressure he had applied on the six-month-old boy, until he stopped moving and went limp.

“Admitted to pressing the infant’s legs over his head and bending his body in order to stop the victim from crying. Robert stated that he used 65 percent of his strength to place pressure on the victim and did not release pressure until the victim had stopped moving and was limp. Robert also stated he bit the infant two times on the body out of frustration.”

The NY Post is reporting that Robert Resendiz was initially booked on suspicion of felony child abuse, but the charges would now change with the boy’s death.

This is not the first shocking case of alleged child abuse that has jolted America.

Recently, a 26-year-old mother from Mississippi strangled her baby girl with a phone charger and dumped her body in the woods. Santangela Turner was arrested after she sent a slew of horrific texts confessing to her crimes.