Donald Trump Reportedly Angry He’s Not Being Praised More For Passing Tax Reform, Wants ‘Parade’ In His Honor

Michael Reynolds-PoolGetty Images

Donald Trump apparently feels slighted for critical coverage of the recently passed tax overhaul.

After Republicans pushed through a tax plan that gives deep cuts to corporations and lower tax rates for most Americans, many pundits noted that Trump appeared frustrated that he is not getting more credit for the accomplishment.

A report from Vanity Fair noted that Trump and other Republicans have been making public statements wondering why coverage of the bill was not more positive. The tax cuts in the bill fall largely to corporations and the highest wage earners, news outlets pointed out, and Trump apparently took issue when newspapers and television outlets that reported critically on the bill.

As Vanity Fair reporter Bess Levin noted, Trump appeared to want a ticker tape parade in his honor.

“In other words, the media reports that have so incensed Trump and his buddies are those that tell the truth about what the bill does. (To be fair, even if the press had ‘celebrated’ the bill, it wouldn’t have been enough for Trump, whose desired level of praise would involve a ticker-tape parade down Fifth Avenue, which would then be re-named The Cut, Cut, Cut Act Drive.)”

Though Trump may be seeking praise for the what will likely be the only legislative accomplishment of his first year, the American public remains largely mixed on the tax overhaul. As the Huffington Post noted, the bill was largely unpopular with the American public, and the Republicans who pushed it through are suffering sinking approval ratings themselves.

A poll taken by CNN last month found that only 31 percent of people had a favorable view of the bill, while 45 percent disagreed with it, the Huffington Post noted. Many of those left undecided broke against the bill, with a new poll conducted last week found that 33 percent were in favor of the bill and 55 percent were now opposed.

Whatever good will that Donald Trump and Republicans earned with the passage of the tax bill was at risk of being lost quickly as they grew dangerously close to a government shutdown. They had struck a deal to pay the government’s bills through Friday, and it appears they have struck a last-minute deal to kick the can down the road a little more, pushing important decisions on defense spending and the DACA program until early next year.