Chuck E. Cheese’s Brawl Video: Women Get Into Massive Fight In Front Of Children, Throw Fists And Pulling Hair


A video of a brawl at Chuck E. Cheese’s is going viral, showing two women tossing fists and yanking hair as terrified children look on.

The video hit the internet on Saturday night, posted to Facebook and quickly going viral. As the New York Post noted, the video was shot at a Chuck E. Cheese’s location in Indianapolis during what appeared to be a children’s birthday party. The video shows two women getting into a verbal spat that quickly escalated to blows, with employees failing to separate the two woman as they started to throw punches at each other.

The video was captured by a man named Cujo Bailey, who said he couldn’t believe the fight was taking place just feet away from his daughter’s birthday party.

“You just see them type of videos all the time now, so it kind of looks like the kind of stuff that you see on Facebook,” he told WISH. “The lady came in yelling at the other lady, and they exchanged some words and the fight took off from there.”

This is not the first time that a fight video from Indianapolis has gone viral. Two years ago, a video of a playground beating spread across social media, showing a group of young girls beating another girl and then attacking her young brother when he tried to protect his sister.

The disturbing video was posted to Liveleak, showing a group of people walking through a park and surrounding a young girl who was at a playground with her brother, who looked to be about 5 or 6 years old. One of the girls from the group punched the victim in the face, and the group then followed the girl as she left, mocking her and her brother. When the group attacked a second time, the young boy tried to intervene and stop the fight, but one of the attackers threw him to the ground.

The video prompted anger across the internet and led the Indianapolis police to arrest one of the assailants.


It is not clear if the women shown in the Chuck E. Cheese’s brawl video are facing charges yet. The New York Post indicated that both women left before police arrived.

The full Chuck E. Cheese’s brawl video can be seen here.