Horror Show: Florida Man Gets 495 Years In Prison For Raping 3-Year-Old Son, Sharing Videos With Other Pedos

Escamba County Jail

A Florida man has been sentenced to 495 years in addition to serving three life sentences in prison for having raped his three-year-old son and consequently engaging in the sharing of videos of the gruesome act with other pedophiles he came to associate with through social media messenger application Kik, reports the Pensacola News Journal.

Charles McConnell, 22, faced 36 counts of child sex-related charges and was found guilty on all counts.

The diabolical act came to light earlier this year after McConnell’s wife found pictures of the rape and messages from other pedophiles on his phone. She had previously no inkling of such behavior and was completely astounded by the revolting finds, she testified in court.

According to investigators and the testimony of the Florida man’s wife, McConnell was tasked with caring for the three-year-old for two months in December last year. However, when the wife visited him in January, horror was waiting to unfold.

In the middle of the night, she found McConnell’s phone lighting up with notifications. Thinking the messages might be from her husband’s new boss at his restaurant job trying to get help closing the shop, she initially didn’t pay much attention, but when the notifications didn’t stop, she was forced to check.


On the phone, she found messages from two other men — Danny Ray Murphy and Jonah Authement (who are also serving prison sentences with Murphy set to spend 40 years) — with pictures of McConnell raping her son. There were also images of other children being sexually abused by different men. Although there were no faces in the images and videos that McConnell’s wife found, she could recognize it was him with her son because of being familiar with their body parts. She also recognized their clothes.

Without informing McConnell, she clandestinely left the house with the child and headed for her mother’s home. Next morning, investigators arrested the Florida man on multiple charges of child rape and abuse.

When questioned by investigators, McConnell confessed to raping his son multiple times, although he said the other images on his phone were of children he didn’t know. He referred to his own “past experience” but did not elaborate on it as the motive for his actions. He said he had a “switch” in his mind which turned him into a pedophile for brief periods of time.