Amazon Adds A&E Networks To Prime Instant Video Catalog

Amazon Prime Instant Video New Contract

In its every increasing attempt to take over the video streaming industry Amazon has brokered a deal with A&E Networks. The new contract will bring popular shows from A&E, bio, History and the Lifetime Channels to Amazon’s popular streaming and 2-day-shipping service.

With the addition of A&E Networks Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service now offers more than 33,000 TV episodes, movies and documentaries.

Amazon Prime Instant Video costs just $79 per year and is available via PC, Kindle Fire HD, Roku, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and iOS devices.

Buyers of the service also receive free 2-day shipping on any items Amazon holds in its warehouses.

While Amazon has not revealed which shows will come to its service we expect to see the likes of Pawn Stars and Storage Wars among other scripted TV series, documentary and TV movies.

As Amazon continues to carve out its own space in an industry dominated by Netflix, the company managed in 2012 to pen a ton of new deals including multi-year contracts with NBCUniversal, MGM, and Epix.

Amazon Prime Instant Video is about to witness a new competitor emerge as Red Box jumps into the video streaming game. However, unlike its competitors RedBox plans to focus squarely on movies. The Red Box platform could draw immediate interest since the company is pairing its offer with 3 free RedBox rentals per month for the same cost of a Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription.

With the video streaming sector heating up we are sure to hear about new offers in the coming months and those deals are likely to become increasingly lucrative — for content producers.